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Just to let everyone know, don't buy/download Messiah, until it no longer has a trojan. I e-mailed support yesterday afternoon, but still haven't gotten a reponse. I'll update when it's no longer infected. Attached is a screenshot of the response from my anti-virus, showing the filename.
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Recent avast! antivirus database update comes with a surprise feature - it finds gogwraper (gogwrap.exe), which comes with some of our games, to be a trojan or malware.
Imagine our surprise when we found out that avast! treat our software as a virus. There is no easy explanation why this happen, we're thinking that avast! heuristic technology didn't work well this time and found some parts of gogwrap.exe to be close enough to some kind of real virus and triggers alarm. In the same way word 'antivirus' contains word 'virus' and that would be a good reason for avast! to trigger warning as well.
All games that triggers avast warning are already replaced with new one.
We've already informed avast! about that problem, but we'll try to solve it by ourselves.
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Do you see the look on my icon's face? It's the same look that's on my my face right now, after reading your reply. Anyway, no big deal, since I have downloaded it again, and it's clean this time. Awesome site you guys have, BTW. These won't be the last games I'll be getting from here. Attached is a larger pic of the look Red Foreman and I have on our faces.
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