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I played the demo from STEAM and enjoyed it. Don't expect high end production values and triple A visuals with all manner of it does do is provide a fun experience. The pace feels a lot slower than Star Craft or CnC . The mission objectives were fairly clear..although on occasion I did scratch my head wondering exactly where I needed to go to complete the objective. The UI was intuitive. I never felt lost trying to figure out how to build units or add upgrades etc. Graphically, the game looks pretty nice. The tutorial was only a couple missions so it is hard to base a recommendation on so little game play. I liked what I saw.
Do you know how many 2 player skirmish maps can be played against AI in the full game? Are they different maps or variations of the same map?
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I can't find much information about this game. Is it any good? Does it run in a window?
So many people bought this?. recommendations?