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I have a question that I've been wanting to ask since the last time I got myself a game called Men of War: Assault Squad. The performance my laptop had with that game was kind of bad. With fps drops happening quite often, I couldn't help myself but to stop playing. I searched around the internet only to find that I wasn't the only one who experienced this problem. The only solution I got was to lower the game settings to the point where I would feel satisfied with the game's fps, whether it'd be during big battles or not.

Now, this is where my question comes in. In case I were to get the first Men of War, I would like to know whether this game is less demanding than Men of War: Assault Squad or not. If yes, would I at least get a constant fps of 45 during the battles in the game (Yep, that's the fps limit I set for my games whenever I play them)?

My laptop's specifications:

CPU: Inter Core i5 4200M 2.5GHz
Ram: 8GB

Thank you. :)
Post edited July 02, 2016 by Katper36