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Hello, just bought this old gem but the game won't start. The exe-files are running according to windows task manager but nothing happends and the exe-files can't be terminated either. Anyone else with this problem? (I've already contacted GOG support but I thought I might as well check here)
The game starts in a weird window. Try minimizing everything and checking if it's on your desktop.
I'm having the same problem. I can see the exe in my task manager; it pops up for a few seconds then disappears. That's about all the game will do right now. I minimized everything and checked for a window popping up on my desktop, but nothing happens. Other than seeing the exe in my task manager, there's no sign that the game responds when I attempt to run it.

EDIT: Well, out of nowhere the game started working when I tried launching it.
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The video in the game is not running properly, you can hear it, but not see it, when it finish the game run fine.
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