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love the game so far but,

1.) the movies, intro and such do not play/show. i can hear the voice/sound but no video.
my windows media play nor movies & tv dont show the graphic videos cuzz the movie files in the game, are in "BINK' or ".bik" format!
whats a good BINK player for free and doesnt kill my computer?
or do i use a converter to convert the .bik files? i have no idea what movies and tv, nor windows media players formats are?
i suppose i can switch the app easily enough in display default apps.

2.) when i started the game it opened it up in my browser window (all kewl) but i went to open it up by klicking the box upper right corner on my browser, it went to full desk top. problem is, i now cant figure out for the life of me how to get it out of full desk top and back to the window mode??? lol dumb me

doesnt look like the game supports a xbox controller??
all ok, plays good with mouse and keyboard. i am very happy there is a mouse sensitivity slider to control my mouse in the game!!!!
any advise would be appreciated.
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in the later scenerio's, around where 'hodges' dies. many bugs start to crop up in this game!
both sniper rifles, at least on my download, "precision aim" did not light up the target rectile red?
if enemy/sniper are behind bushes and you cant see them with the naked eye (hidden) 'precision aim' would light them up red, a single shot or small burst would usually cap them.
with the scope on both sniper rifles that i seen in the game it did not light up, and found the sniper rifles very unconvenient to be of any value at all in such a situation. i also realise that the united states government supplied there troops with 'anti-tank', rpg rockets (not sure what the exact name of such said device) that only a possible 2% would actually operate properly as designed, while when this said device would actually operate in said manner, it simply bounced off the enemy tank. that backup "recoiless rifles" where the only means available to the troops on the ground to knock out said russian/chinese supplied monsters.
in this "men of valor" i was never supplied with nor trained with any means to knock out a north vietnamese crocodile.
that i had found my lone self with no support and with only sure suicidal will and my bare hands with a chinese SKS bayonet that was lifted/looted of a dead vietcong , to find and lift and use a chinese/VC/NVA rocket to destroy a NV goliath with there own weapon.
i was shocked and bewildered why i was never supplied with so called proper weapons??
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