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Changelog for Update 1.02 (added 21 November 2017):

* Fixed crash when you try to start the game in a system with certain Razer Chroma peripherals connected.
* Fixed incorrect gameplay speed in systems with more than 60 hz display refresh rate and vsync enabled.
* Fixed the game settings window in the Steam launcher: it didn't show Language settings.
* Tentatively fixed bug where the M1 mission won't start, in systems with low number of CPU cores.
* Implemented option to rebind keys.
* Implemented option to invert the mouse Y axis.
* Now the tutorials will display instructions related to keyboard+mouse if you connected a gamepad but you are playing with keyboard+mouse.

Changelog for Update 1.02 (23 November 2017):

* several compatibility fixes.
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Thanks for this (Alfonso del Cerro) I'm really impressed by your attentiveness towards our issues!