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The inevitable bug fix patch is here!

Patch notes:
- Stopped softblock on Elmshorn, if your Toadstool Corals die, you can buy more from the shop.
- Fixed bug where main volume did not affect atmosphere volume.
- Fixed bug where volumes set to 0 were not saved between game runs.
- Fixed growth tooltip on corals.
- Fixed bug where Elmshorn objective, skimmer wasn't recognised if connected by pump.
- Fixed bug where autosave failure due to not being able to access the user area makes the game crash.
- Fixed bug on Napalos where Herbivore Habitat will not complete.
- Fixed some other crash bugs.
- Reduced requirement for first part of Elmshorn objective from 6 to 5.
- Added cap for number of point bubbles on screen at once to improve stability.

Next I'm going to be seeing if I can improve load times on the Mac version of the game. Then I'm going to be looking into improving the general performance.

I hope you are all enjoying the game! Remember to leave a review once you have formed your opinion!
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I have to say that I'm extremely disappointed by the way the release of this game unfolded up till today. I've watched most of the VLOGs and was waiting for the release day and then GOG's elcook claimed that Linux was not supported at all while a Linux version was sold on Steam and Humble. Then that was temporarily removed as well and so I've waited until the launch discount was gone. Then I've noticed that GOG added the Linux icon and the system requirements on the game's page. Fortunately I was still annoyed that I had missed the launch discount because that made me stumble onto the comment section on gamingonlinux where a user had written that there was no Linux version in his/her library. It seems that GOG made another GOG by adding the icon because the Linux version will not be here because of “technical reasons to do the the build process”.

Sorry for the rambling, run-on sentences and whatever.

TL;DR: Most disappointing game release that I can remember.