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Patch 1.0.6 is available on Steam. Is it also on GOG?
Can not check myself, because I have not bought the game yet.

1.0.7 is up already, in fact, but only via Galaxy. The downloadable installer is still on 1.0.3. And the patch note thread isn't updated as you can see. I hope Tim gets around to that sooner rather than later.
107 added key assignment.
OK, I searched for patch notes to see if I should wait with install (if it's something important). If I see this right, our (gog) version 1.0.4g is steam version 1.0.5. At least judging by the patch notes. Offline installer is 1.0.3g. Confusing. I guess I will play something else first.
Well, lets hope the people at GOG are working on this matter, so everyone interested can take advantage before the deal is over at September 20th, 7 am UTC...
1.0.8 just landed on Galaxy.
Any info about patches from non-Galaxy users?

pereh: Any info about patches from non-Galaxy users?

Offline installer is 1.0.8cg. Download just finished. :-)
Thanks to you all for the infos. Just bought the game and will have a look.
You should know 1.0.8 introduced a rather severe bug that makes your staff idle instead of taking care of your aquarium. It's a game stopper. 1.0.9 was released today which hotfixed this. Might be a while till the installer gets updated though. The dev is swamped collecting data and making the actual patches.
Hm - seems he should either introduce QA checks, or make an open beta next time...
pereh: Hm - seems he should either introduce QA checks, or make an open beta next time...
I've run into no issues other than a few minor graphical bugs, and I've enjoyed the game quite a bit.
Version 1.0.9 is up (offline installer).
I haven't encountered that bug. Just a few things that got me confused. Like trying to add a fish to a fish tank with lighting and wondering why the game tells me no. Took me some time to realize, that it thinks I want to add the fish to the lighting unless I "find" the right spot the game thinks is the fish tank. Needs time to find that specific spot.
It's also weird, that the options menu doesn't have an exit button. I have to "x" the window to close the game.

I enjoy Megaquarium immensely. It has been years since I didn't get bored with a "builder" shortly after starting a game. This game is very creative. I love trying to find the best looking (and still somewhat "practical") combinations for my fish tanks. I never knew I needed a game like this. :-)
Still the same: patches for this game arrive at GOG with 2 or 3 days delay compared to Steam. So one would really ask: Why buy at GOG?
I did a check with update 1.1.6, available since 15.12.2018. It is not available for offline download on GOG, GOG Galaxy however installs it immediately. To me this means "GOG Galaxy is optional" just means 'if you do not use it, you may become a 2nd class customer and get 2nd class service'; but pay the same price, of course.
My conclusion: buy new games on Steam, only older ones (which get fewer updates, if any) on GOG.
Initially, my intention was to get away from Steam and get rid of its clunky client; now GOG wants to force me to install a second gaming client. That seems to be bad behaviour...