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Hello everyone :)

I'm currently building mod for megaquarium after having finished the game. I'm working on two types of mod, currently :
- a mod that enlock a weeker feeder, sooner in the game
- a mod that add more secondary objective, with more reward than the classic gold you have when you play outside the campain.

I encounter two types of problems :
- The first one is for the feeder. I can't found the place where the prize come from so I can't change it :/
- The second one, with quests, is that there is only one secondary quest in the data, rewarding gold, so I have no idea how to :
* change the type of reward (I may try random "key" world but if I can have the answer...)
* create more "large" condition of complete it (like "put 12 shark in a tank" where the player can choose whenever sharks he wants, even in different specy). I may found the solution but if someone have the answer... :D
* can I put ingame condition to unlock a secondary mission ? (level, etc) how ?
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