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Update v1.5.2g (20 October 2019)

- Tweaked staff speed algorithm to make increase between fitness levels more linear. Speed now increases by 8% for each level of fitness. These values are exposed for modding in
- Added staff salary to staff window.
- Fixed bug where game would not load when a mod had a corrupted file
- Added Italian localisation.
- Smoothed out 'freeze' on new day in large aquariums.
- Removed freeze during autosave when entering the menu.
- Improved animal swimming animations.
- Tweaked fixing animation so that toolkit sits on the floor next to staff.
- Fixed bug where an object could be not "in game world" but still occupying the floor.
- Reduced cap for zoom level.
- Fixed darkening of rounded corners of tanks when viewed from behind.
- Improved visual look of animals with transparent meshes like the Volitans Lionfish.
- Added minimum work animation speed for staff.
- Fixed purple plume fan and leopard clam icons
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Changelog for Update v1.6.2 (added 27 January 2020)

- Japanese localisation.
- Place staff doors directly over walls.
- Slightly reduced memory footprint.
- Fixed bug where floor tiles in maps with default paint were not being automatically painted.
- Fixed bugs where painted objects were not appearing correctly when being moved/placed.
- Fixed 'silent sound bug' which occured when you held shift in first person mode.
- Fixed positions of shark hat and copperband toy gift shop items.
- Fixed bug where not all water quality icons (skimming, uv sterilising, heating, chilling etc.) were appearing in the context bar when placing an object.
- Fixed hard and brutal difficulty strings which had some incorrect figures.
- Fixed bug where tank point value was updating before animal health, leading the out of date tank point values (until updated again, which happened regularly).
- Fixed bug where pump could connect to same tank twice.
- Fixed bug where you could switch to the pipe connecting tool when already using it, caused extra connections to stay on screen permanently.
- Fixed bug where staff did not return their item when they were fired.
- Fixed bug where staff did not resume their work animations when game was loaded.
- Fixed various bugs where item accessibility was not being updated correctly for use in tasks.
- Fixed bug where music label disappeared when at a value of 0.
- Fixed bug where guide book shelf was not lit correctly.
- Fixed bug where supplements were not causing animals to lose health correctly.
- Centred "Let's Go" button on rank up screen.
- Expanding, filling in, walls, platforms and stairs all vary in cost based on difficulty.
- Guests now switch to standing animation when they view a tank or use an object.
- Tweaked Megalopolis final objective to remove the angelfish and surgeonfish requirement. Too restrictive.
- Tweaked Napalos level so that you need 24 animals to win. The level lasts slightly longer and forces you to use some of the animals you unlock at rank 7 which is fun.
- Reworked podium code to be more robust and deal with interruptions, saving/loading etc. mid-talk.
- Fixed bug where dispensers for non-consumable items were being refilled at the beginning of the day.
- Fixed bug where if you moved a wall when it was 'dropped' then it would not drop in the new position.
- Increased size of text in drop down list items.
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Windows & Mac standalone installers updated (v1.5.2g ⇒ v1.6.2g): 30 January 2020.
Linux installer added on the same date.
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Changelog for Update v2.0.3g (Mac) and v2.0.4g (Windows & Linux) from Steam
- Ledger added.
- Live cultures added.
- Moon Jelly now eats Zoo Plankton.
- Guests don't like seeing food/tool dispensers now! Put them behind the scenes with your filters. ;)
- You can now set default paint for new construction by right clicking on the paint in the build menu.
- Improved messages - growth events have a clickable link to the animal and you get a message when a tank is too small for an animal to grow up.
- Tunnel tanks generate prestige.
- Increased prestige of some of the more prestigious animals (some sharks, green turtle).
- Costs of most animals have gone up a small amount in a balance pass. The cost of some high prestige (12+) animals has been increased quite a bit as they were underpriced before. Noticeably the Whale Shark and Manta Ray both cost 2-3x what they cost before.
- New reliability icon tells you estimated time between breakdowns so it's more useful in making judgements between equipment.
- Tweaked equipment reliabilities so that they remain useful throughout the game.
- The aquarium can now be closed. You can find the toggle by selecting the entrance.
- A number of sharks and rays require skill now.
- Autofeeder cannot be used on as many animals due to previous change. The time between breakdowns has been increased to make it more competitive.
- Research window now scrolls rather than shrinking the projects. It also has unlimited capacity now.
- Build menu scroll speed has been capped for when the menu gets very full (with mods!)
- Improved tooltip for growth icon.
- Tweaked tooltip for tank depth and require tank depth icons for compatibility with expansion.
- Tweaked tooltip for warning/danger to icons for compatibility with expansion objects. It now shows the size as a range. "Fish" has been replaced with "Animals" so that it can include reptiles and mammals. Mechanically nothing has changed. It basically means any animal that is not a crustacean, starfish, clam, gorgonian, soft coral, stony coral or anemone.
- Added new icons for starfish, clam, gorgonian, soft coral, scavenger, anemone and empty dispenser.
- Guests holding balloons can go inside toilets now.
- Animals move between containers e.g. they will move between all parts of the u-shaped tank.
- Small tunnel tank has an extra container at the top to allow animals to swim over.
- Mega tank is now a large tank instead of huge. It doesn't need its own category.
- Food dispensers appear before the fish in the search so they are easier to find.
- Improved scenery placement on tanks with sunken floors. The scenery now appears at the cursor instead of below it.
- Messages with enclosed objects do not jump to the top when you pick one up.
- Creator mode starts on rank 12 so you have access to better staff.
- The quick start preset has been tweaked to work better with the new achievement.
- 3 new achievements: Sandbox Trials - Standard, Sandbox Trials - Limited, Sandbox Trials - Completionist.
Edit: Mac installer now updated to v2.0.4g as well.
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(copy/paste from STEAM)

v2.0.5 patch
Version 2.0.5 is live with some bug fixes.

Fixed an issue in level 4 where mussels, vegetables, sand eel and supplement dispensers didn't start unlocked. Unfortunately the fix will only affect new starts on the level. Sorry!
Fixed an issue where land animals got stuck walking on the spot.
Fixed an issue where animals could do breeding interactions the day they grew into "full" animals.
Fixed issue where unlocking live mysis did not automatically unlock zoo plankton.
Fixed issue where after moving a tank which had a poster attached, you couldn't attach another poster until the game was reloaded.
Fixed issue where you could build under the stairs of the platform/bridge tanks. Any that have already been placed will continue to have the issue but newly built tanks will be fixed.
Fixed issue where the science/ecology windows didn't update when something new became available.
Fixed issue in level 2 where additional grant funding was not released.
Fixed an issue in level 4 where mussels, vegetables, sand eel and supplement dispensers didn't start unlocked. Unfortunately the fix will only affect new starts on the level. Sorry!
Prevented strange bug where timer at the start of level 1 did not start properly (hopefully!).

I believe I have fixed an issue where some modded tanks' rotations and offsets were wrong when built at the smallest size and in the menu.
The issue where some tank mods crash the game remains. I believe the modders are aware of the solution (swap 'w', 'W' and 's' codes from the "multicode" of the tanks for other letters, and update the codes in "tileFbx" too). But please be patient with them as this issue has been sprung on them unexpectedly and they haven't had much time to fix it yet.

v2.0.6 & 2.0.7 patches
I released two small patches today.

Made it so autofeeder cannot feed live foods.

Fixed/tweaked some text in French, Italian and Chinese version.
Fixed bug where destruction events were not deletable.
Fixed issue where floating plants could be placed over bridges/platforms at some tank rotations.
Made it so you have access to the starting paint in level 3 and 4.
Added autofeeder textures for roach, vegetables, brine shrimp and bloodworm.
Fixed issue where sandbox could create objectives which you couldn't complete. If your save is affected by this it will automatically upgrade when you load it so that all quests are completable! :steamhappy:
Fixed icon for "dislikes rocks".

v2.0.8 patches
Hybrids have a hybrid name when they appear e.g. Emerald Cobra Guppy 1.
Added the name of the animal to the tooltip for the animal portraits in the ledger.
Merchants and trades give a minimum of 2 animals so that you always have 1 extra to trade away.
Slightly reduced initial health decrease when an animal is at the wrong pH to give you a little more time to fix the issue.
Posters now always generate prestige. A guest can enjoy up to 3 posters. The prestige generated is a random number from 1 to the prestige value shown on the poster.
Slightly increased various chances of mutation during hybrid breeding to speed up the initial process, without removing the skill and challenge from the overall process.
Tweaked target animals on level 3 'Rare Guppies' objective so that the colors are slightly closer to the starting color.

Fixed some translations strings.
Fixed a bug where the wrong message was deleted in the message log.
Fixed a bug where a tank would changing between saltwater and freshwater incorrectly when pumps were involved.
Fixed a bug where a tank would highlight as connectable to via pump, but wouldn't actually connect when you clicked it.
Fixed a bug where the naming process would not complete due to leading or trailing space.
Fixed a bug where a animal which requires a supplement would grow from a fry and immediately say it had missed a supplement.
Fixed a bug where points floating off guests were not correct, under representing low numbers of points within a large group of a different type of point.
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The v2.0.5 - v2.0.8 changelogs are out on GOG as well.

Standalone installers, and those of its DLC, updated (v2.0.4g ⇒ v2.0.8g): 09 June 2020.
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Changelog for Update v2.0.9g (added 11 June 2020) from Steam

- Added 4 extra staff to 4. Kairobi in case they are needed.
- Improved land animal movement so they smoothly enter the water after climbing down from the land.
- Feeding platform and viewing platform tanks no longer accept lights. Existing lights on these tanks will continue to work correctly, but you can't add them to any tanks from now on.


- Fixed issue with lights not appearing in the correct place.
- Fixed issue where the tooltip would hang around after deselecting the sell tool while hovering over something.
- Fixed a bug where the move tool would get stuck on and would only deselect if you clicked the button in the top left or pressed the hotkey.
- Improved save behaviour to check for and remove 'read only' flags on save files.
- Fixed bug where new save thumb would be blank if you returned to the save menu multiple times before returning to the game.
- Fixed a bug where the coldwater icon on an animal would not indicate that the animal was insufficiently chilled.
- Fixed a typo in 1. Hitama.


- Removed the limit on the number of research projects available (properly this time, I hope!).
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(copy/paste from STEAM)

v2.0.10 patch
Bred animals appear at the location of eggs/fry.

Updated Chinese and Japanese fonts with missing characters.
Altered Japanese font to use Japanese variant of shared characters.
Fixed typo in Portuguese.
Fixed bug where Piranhas were not affecting all animals.
Fixed bug where larger animals would get stuck in the corner of the tank.
Improved stability of game when starting a new day.
Fixed bug where tiles painted with default paint would switch to current default paint when save as loaded.
Fixed a rare bug with ledger table when switching tabs.
Fixed a bug where correct accessory bonuses were not shown in all locations.
Fixed bug where tooltip would not disappear after bringing up sell confirmation dialog.
Fixed bug where land animal animations would flicker on low detail mode.

Game can now recover if a save is loaded and the current research has been removed because it was a mod.
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Changelog for Update v2.0.11 (added 26 June 2020)
This patch fixes an issue in the Chinese version of the game, where the cashflow window did not appear correctly.

I have a more substantial update coming soon with some nice (much requested) improvements to the staff behaviour when they don't have a job, plus some optimisation improvements which will hopefully smooth out some of the frame spikes that occur when you are operating a large aquarium.
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(copy/paste from STEAM)

v2.0.12 patch
Megaquarium - Twice Circled
When zoned staff don't have a task they will return to and stay in their zone. They can still exit their zones to complete any part of an assigned task e.g. to reach a dispenser or if the shortest route to a task is outside the zone.
Zoned staff are assigned tasks before non-zoned staff. This means when a new day starts, they will have first pick of the tasks and then non-zoned staff will collect tasks from the ones that are remaining.
Guests will not be attracted to podiums if they have already heard the current talk.
Prestige generated by guests who have left the aquarium will continue to count toward your prestige total until they decay in the normal way (1 game day after the prestige was generated). Previously, you lost the prestige immediately when the guest left.*
Smoothed out work done when a new day starts to reduce the frame spike in large aquariums.

Sandbox: merchants and trades which provide shoalers will give 1 extra animal so it can be traded away.
Fixed bug where guest thoughts would show the thoughts that were generated the latest in the day, rather than most recently, first.
Removed large margin on right hand side of dropdown items to make more space for the text.
Fixed bug where accessory icon stayed grey in staff manage tab even after it has been collected.
French and Russian: money symbol next to current money will not roll onto next line.

*In practice this won't make a large difference. In medium to large aquariums, guest prestige tends to decay before they leave anyway. However this small tweak will make the mechanic easier to understand. Your prestige total is simply the amount of prestige generated in the last game day.
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The v2.0.9 - v2.0.12 changelogs are out on GOG as well.

Standalone installers, and those of its DLC, updated (v2.0.8g ⇒ v2.0.9g ⇒ v2.0.10g ⇒ v2.0.11g ⇒ v2.0.12g):
12 June, 19 June, 26 June and 07 July 2020, respectfully.
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(copy/paste from STEAM)

v2.0.13 patch
Small patch in between larger updates to stay on top of recently reported bugs.

Added message about search feature to 5. Napalos.
Moved search examples tooltip to a little info 'i' to the right of the search bar so it's easier to find.

Fixed issue where tasks say they are inaccessible to staff when they are not.
You can no longer sell the Manatees in FF 5. Diamond River.
German: Steinkoralle renamed to Montipora
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Changelog for Update v2.1.1g (added 18 October 2020)
After spending the last week on the public beta branch, v2.1.1 is now live for everyone. Apart from a couple of minor bugs which I've now fixed, the latest update appears to be going down really well.

Thank you to everybody who switched over to the beta branch to test the new features, I appreciate all of your feedback!

I've posted the same information as appeared in the original beta announcement below, for reference.

New features - designed by you!

This update is crammed full of great suggestions that have come directly from the community. From an improved build menu interface to a button which allows you to toggle all your mods at once - this update is all about making it easier for you to play the game. A better interface allows you to concentrate on what's important - all of the fishies!

For a full changelog see the bottom of this post, but first let's take a closer look at the heavy hitters.

Perspective mode

I mentioned this in the last dev blog but perspective mode is now live!
It's a subtle difference but for those who find the orthographic camera mode disorienting, this small change will make the game much more accessible. For the rest of us, it's a matter of personal preference.

Collapsible build menu categories

I wasn't 100% sure about this feature prior to implementing it, but I'm really pleased with how it's turned out.
It's now possible to collapse individual categories in the build menu so that you're not looking at everything at once. Coupled with a button at the top which allows you to collapse/expand all the categories at once, it's now really easy to find a particular group that you're interested in.

I think this feature will be especially helpful to those players who have a lot of mods installed.

NB Don't forget about the search function though! If you know the name of what you're looking for, the search function is still the fastest way to find it IMO. Remember you can use the Enter key as a hotkey to start a search!

Tropical / Coldwater toggle

Another feature that I never considered until it was suggested by the community. There is now a toggle at the top of the animal build menu which allows you toggle between showing Tropical or Coldwater animals.
Given that these animals will never safely occupy the same tank, I can see how dividing them like this makes a lot of sense.

Improved growth icon

When you hover over the growth icon of an animal that isn't fully grown there is additional information now. As well as telling you how long until it grows up, it also lists any further stages of growth afterwards.
In addition the mechanic has been flipped around to make it easier to understand. Instead of an increasing count e.g. 0/3, 1/3. 2/3 etc. It's now just a simple day countdown. 3 days until growth, 2 days until growth, 1 day until growth.

It's a small thing, but in my testing it made an immediate impact on how easy it was to keep track of things.

Enable/Disable all mods button

Modding enthusiasts rejoice! You can now enable/disable all mods with the click of a single button at the top of the Modding Manager.

Extra mod stability

Another one for people who use a lot of mods. If a mods causes the game to fail to load, then all mods will be automatically disabled and the game reloaded.

This will at least allow players to get into the game. From there, they can re-enable mods one at a time (or in groups) via the mod manager to try to determine which mod is causing the issue.

The most common cause of the game failing to load was when a mod depended on another mod for extra animal food types, but this depended upon mod was not installed. If this specific case is detected by the game, it will now automatically insert "Orange Pellet" as the required food for the animal, rather than fail to load.

v2.1.0 changelog

- Added perspective mode.
- Added collapsible headings to build menu.
- Added coldwater toggle.
- Improved growth icon.
- Added a note about when certain breeding locations unlock to the breeding tooltip.
- Added a count to the messages when fry and eggs grow up.
- Added a bubble above the poster when it's not connected to a tank.
- You can now build walls up against the edge of all tanks.
- Staff don't prioritise tasks for which they have the required item quite as much. When comparing tasks, those which don't require the staff to fetch a new item are considered slightly closer than those that do require an item switch. Previously, they were considered infinitely closer and prioritised above all tasks that required an item switch.
- Increased performance of build menu.
- Slightly improved efficiency of some graphical operations. (More substantial performance improvements are still on the way!)
- Fixed bug where if a Biter caused the death of another animal, no cause would be shown in the resulting message.
- Added a message when a pregnant animal loses their baby (miscarriage).
- Corrected autofeeder food tooltip.
- Added light icon to lights when you select them.
- Fixed bug where center of feeding platform tank was wrong.
- Calcium reactor (and other external "aquascaping") no longer counts towards explorer count.
- Increased stability of camera to stop it going out of alignment. 'home'/'h' shortcut should always correct issues.
- Fixed bug where staff animation kept playing when assigned a single square zone.
- Fixed bug where water quality would go above 100%.
- Fixed bug where long necked turtle, dwarf crocodiles, green anaconda and manatee could not be eaten. IE They can be eaten now!
- Improved aeroplane objective on 5. Diamond River so that freshwater subcondition will only tick if the aeroplane is in a freshwater tank.
- You can no longer sell the aeroplane on 5. Diamond River.
- You can no longer sell the panther crabs on 5. Diamond River.
- Fixed bug where you couldn't search for communal animals.
- Fixed bug where guests got stuck in toilet.
- Fixed bug: "Tank not listed in Ledger for some Animals" - blue knuckle hermit crabs.
- Fixed bug in 4. Kairobi where the small beach tank did not start available.
- The random seed is used for more things in sandbox mode.
- Fix type in Chinese on 10. Megalopolis.
- Fixed bug where highlight in game world would persist when moving over UI.
- Vending machines no longer sell an item to a guest when they reach them if they have run out.
- Removed shadows from animals while placing them.
- Added 1st person tutorial to 3. Elmshorn.
- Added ledger tutorials to 6. Hartcliff and 2. Paskovka.

v2.1.1 changelog

- Fixed bug which occurred if W, A, S or D was held while transitioning out of 1st person view.
- Fixed issue where animals without a temperature requirement would not appear regardless of which temperature filter was selected. They now appear all the time.
- When a guest is selected, negative thoughts now appear with the number in red while positive ones appear green. This matches the color coding in the main guest thoughts list.
Source: Steam
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Changelog for Update v2.1.2g (added 22 October 2020)
v2.1.2 patch


- Fixed bug where you couldn't delete miscarriage reports.
- Fixed bug where some items would not appear in build menu at ultrawide resolutions.
- Fixed typo in 4. Valberg. "less" -> "fewer".
- Removed unused eater tags from midas cichlid.
- Reduced width of cashflow window so it can appear in very narrow resolutions.
- Staff with all level 10 skills will not create a level up message. Existing messages created before this patch will stay around.
Source: Steam
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