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This is probably a silly question but how can you shoot/kick/drill in diagonal ? I've reached level 4 stage 3 but I cannot reach the hidden color since I cannot break the platform above me.

If I press two keabord arrows (UP+RIGHT) I'm still not able to perform any diagonal action except jumping.

Any thoughts ?

Thanks for your help

I've never tried to used the arm drill instead. Well, using this part it is possible to drill diagonally. How ? I've placed this part in the top selection of the abilities and if you keep the direction (up+left or up+right) and keep pressing the abilities button it will work as a charm.
It is possible to do many special attacks (such as drill or teleport) in diagonal. When you press the button combination for the attack, it doesn't take effect immediately but about a half second. During that time you can press ANY direcction (up, down, left, right, up-left, up-right, down-left, down-right) and the action will be performed in that direcction.

I know you finally reached it but this may help other people.
Well that is actually a really interesting info. Thanks for sharing.