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at the Tailor I could spend tons of money to unlock new clothes.
Producing them will also cost tons of more or less rare ressources.

But you only need the starter boots and the starter cap to survive the winter.

So.. why should I even think of producing super expensive clothes when I have
absolutely no need to do so?
I mean sure, I could sell it. But I also could sell baskets.. and they only need sticks to make.
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At the moment the cost of resources to make items of clothing just don't make it worthwhile to produce clothes for selling.

This may change as the devs continue balancing the game.

So currently I can only see 3 reasons to buy those other recipes :

1) For the sake of role-playing, although you can only see your gloves/shoes so the better clothes are basically redundant.

2) I have seen at least one quest from the Kings Herald that required making 3 or 4 different types of clothing so I needed to buy those recipes.

3) 'Completionism' (lol). I now have plenty of cash from selling millions of iron arrows - so bought all recipes just for the sake of it.

Hope that helps :-)
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