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Hi, game is fun, but i see some things, which can make game even better:

- Changing gameplay setting after game is started. I stared on default setting, but i would like to have option, to change settings like enabling fast crafting, because over time it take's too long. Also it's good to have option to increase XP gain, if i decide, that exping is too slow etc.
- Especially on early game You have to travel a lot, which take's time and it's tedious. Since mounts are already implemented, i miss quest, which gives You as a reward an old horse or something similar
-Coal ingame. We already got mines and only one resource to warm houses, it seems like good choice to improve our citiziens life.
- Improve citiziens work management. If i set to options on both 50% intensity, but worker has no tools to do one of job, he should do another with 100% intensity. It would also be good, to prioritize one thing above another in goods production. I'm also missing some feature, like adding conditions to production i.e. create stone axe only if there's less than 3 stone axes in resource storage,
- Falling tree collision damage, it looks ridiculous when You hold a tree with Your head
- bandits are very weak, they should got at last a bow (ok, i found out they can have it). Also it would be fun if they attack our village. This comes out with new buildings: watchtower, which warn us about attack and barrack which transform citizien into militia, to help us with bandits

If i come with new ideas, i will edit this comment
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The population dynamic needs more work.
18 is far too late for children to start work, in the middle ages (in fact for most of human history) children would start doing small tasks as soon as they could understand instructions and were capable, around 5 or six.also as they aged they would start learning from their parents and the other villagers around them the skills they needed, farming and or hunting, bush craft. Some may later learn a trade such as smithing or carpentry ect.

So children should give a small but increasing bonus to their parents work out put until they get married an start their own family at around 14. Yes I said 14 thats when ordinary people started their own families back then.

More children, large families were the norm. There should also be some form of dice roll as to if a child will reach adult hood as many children died young.