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Hello everyone,

I have an issue with this quest, I've completed all the sub-quest from it, but nothing happen.
Any idea how to solved it?

This question / problem has been solved by MacCraigusimage
Murphyx2: Hello everyone,

I have an issue with this quest, I've completed all the sub-quest from it, but nothing happen.
Any idea how to solved it?


Apparently the next trigger for this quest is Spring of year 12.

Like you, I havn't reached that far yet so can't confirm personally.

Found a youtube video talking about it but I'd rather not watch it to avoid spoilers. Heres the link if you want confirmation/tempted to read ahead, heheh.

PS In your attached pic you still needed to recruit 1 more person to complete the quest. I'm 99.9% sure you realised that but I'm just being thorough. More than a few times I could't find the milk in the fridge because the milk was in the way :-P
Hi MacCraigus,

Yeah, I did complete all the side quest related to this one, I recruited 3 people, but for some reason it is marked as 2 out 3. Don't know if I failed at some point(Meaning part of the game mechanics) or a bug.

I don't really want spoilers, so, I'm going to avoid the video, In the meantime, I'll keep developing the town.

Hi Murphy,

I did this quest back in V0407 with no probs so I decided to try again in case recent updates caused an issue. I loaded an old save (Spring of year 10) into the current version and re-ran that quest and it still completed 3/3.

For reference I chose Dalebor (Gostovia), Jan (Hornica) and Dumbass, ermm, I mean Domastoj (Jezerika).

The only twist I noticed was after handing in the 100 rye grain/5meat/250 coin 'ransom' to Nieluba (I took the non-lie route) I felt I should be done but still had 2/3. Quick check of the journal and I still had to talk to Domastoj to complete the quest.

I did'nt bother with Teobolds' sons (Lesnica) as they refuse, and I noticed the option to talk to Oleg (Rolnica) dissapears after talking to the three above so I don't know what he asks for.

So what choices did you make / different dialogue options (ie lying options)? Have you tried restarting the quest chain?
Hello MacCraigus,

I don't really remember the choices made to the candidates. But, I do have the side quest for Dalebor, Domastoj and Jan completed. You can see then in the screenshot .

How do you reset a quest without using a old save file, I don't really wanna go bad and restart my progress, specialy with the nice looking town I've been building ever since.

Thanks for your reply, and sorry for been late in mine, little bit busy lately.
1.jpg (227 Kb)
2.jpg (139 Kb)
3.jpg (143 Kb)
town.jpg (481 Kb)
Hi Murphy,

I can see from the screenshots you made the same choices as me. Frustrating that it remains 2/3. Its quite a disaster to lose progress to fix a bugged quest, and I can see you take care in your towns layout too. Nice pic, with the kids running in the foreground!

Spent a bit of time looking at the save games, and while there is some text in there (npc/quest/village names etc) most of it is coded, and even then the quest labels are obscure, I couldnt see a pattern.

My thoughts are

1) Try to load an old save prior to that quest just to see if its possible to complete it. If you can bear the pain of replaying back from that point (ie before the quest bugged), then thats one way to solve it. Painful I know :-(

2) Random thought: Maybe if a season completes while the quest is in progress it causes the bug?

3) Try asking on the steam forums - the devs are present there - maybe they could take your save file and fix it up for you?!?

4) Unless something changes, so far the game is not exactly quest dependant, so for now just play and enjoy. The most significant element of the quest chain (so far) was getting upgraded to 'town' and the increased building limit, and you get that from the main quest chain, not the 'story quests'.

For me - at some point as the game nears or leaves the development stage, I will be restarting my village anyway. e.g. some of my orchards are too far from the barn and its not easy to change my village config to cope with such game changes, so in many ways I am now seeing my village as a 'test site' anyway. Plus I am eager to build in another location.

So if you are of the same mind you will be restarting the game after it leaves development anyway, and then you can have another stab at this quest chain.

Wish I could be more helpful but its all I could think of. Good luck with your choices - think of the children! Heheheh.

Regards, Mac.