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Hello. I set the resolution to 1366x768 following the indications in another post here, and everything was alright, but I tried to start the training and the game crash, it says: "Z_Free: memory block wrote past end". Does someone knows how to fix it?
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I found the solution. Only 4:3 resoutions works, so, I used 1024x768
I've played this game on linux with wine and I had the same error - game crashed when I clicked quicksave button or when the game had to change level in singleplayer.
well, I changed it to 1360x768 - and it worked! you may also try 1280x768.
but in my case the game window doesn't scale to fullscreen and it leaves empty space on the borders, so less empty space for me is better xd
I know its old,but just to let ppl that have this error know.

I installed this classic to play again and encountered this same error, this error for me was because of the custom resolution on the .cfg file

solution is to set your resolution to any number as long that is divisible by 16 (my monitor native res is 1366x768 so it kept crashing with this error so i just changed 1366 for 1360(divisible by 16) )
1) For Widescreen resolution, you need to edit the config file called "unnamedsoldier.cfg". That file should be on one of this paths (this is in the GOG case):
C:\Program Files (x86)\\Medal of Honor\main
C:\Program Files (x86)\\Medal of Honor\mainta\configs
C:\Program Files (x86)\\Medal of Honor\maintt\configs
In my case, it was in mainta config folder because i was using Spearhead (and testing the Coop mode by S.D.A.)
2) Delete the file (or make a backup file), then load the game and edit all the in-game setting except the resolution.
3) Exit the game and open the new unnamedsoldier.cfg file (open with a text editor. I recommend Notepad++) and add the folowing lines in the Cvars group:

seta r_customwidth "1280"
seta r_customheight "800"
seta r_mode "-1"
seta ui_console "1"
seta developer "1"
(Modify the customwidth and customheight with the resolution you want)
4) Save the file

5) Now for the max graphics settings, and go to main/mainta/maintt folder and open the file called "newconfig.cfg", delete all the lines and add this:

seta cg_drawviewmodel "2"
seta cg_effectdetail "1.0"
seta cg_marks_add "1"
seta cg_max_tempmodels "1200"
seta cg_rain "1"
seta cg_reserve_tempmodels "240"
seta cg_shadows "2"
seta g_ddayfodderguys "2"
seta g_ddayfog "0"
seta g_ddayshingleguys "2"
seta r_colorbits "32"
seta r_drawstaticdecals "1"
seta r_ext_compressed_textures "1"
seta r_fastdlights "0"
seta r_fastentlight "0"
seta r_forceClampToEdge "1"
seta r_lodcap "1.0"
seta r_lodscale "1.1"
seta r_lodviewmodelcap "1.0"
seta r_maxmode "9"
seta r_picmip "0"
seta r_picmip_models "0"
seta r_picmip_sky "0"
seta r_subdivisions "1"
seta r_texturebits "32"
seta r_texturemode "GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR"
seta r_vidmode1024 "0"
seta r_vidmodemax "1"
seta s_khz "44"
seta ter_error "4"
seta ter_maxlod "6"
seta ter_maxtris "24576"
seta vss_draw "1"
seta vss_maxcount "15"

6) Save the file and close.
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