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I wanted to replay MOHAA with all bells and whistles and came across two problems:

1) The HD textures ( ) look worse than vanilla ones, something really weird is going on here:

2) I am unable to change sound provider to anything other than "Miles fast 2D positional audio". Whenever I change it, there is an error in the console: "Provider could not be initialized - 3D voices not available"
and the game reverts back to Miles 2D.
When I try to use Creative ALchemy (I have win7 and Sound Blaster Z) then dsoundlog.txt contains the following error:
"DirectSoundCreate : Failed to initialize Creative ALchemy, falling back to dsound.dll"

Any help would be much appreciated.

I just run Breakthrough and there is an irritating "NPC counter" blinking, showing (I am guessing) how many allied and axis NPCs are on the map. I don't remember it from playing the game on release.
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Take a look at this interesting work by philscomputerlab.

Here is the video: