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I have the same problem. The games are instantly crashing everytime when i double click the desktop icon. It works for a couple of seconds, but after that the screen turns black and i receive a note wich says, that the game is not working anymore. I have a Windows 8 Laptop and it runs with windows 7. Every other game like Far Cry or Painkiller just working fine. It only appears,when i am trying to start Medal Of Honor Allied Assault Warchest. Can someone help me with my problems?

It´s ok, i found a solution to the problem and now it´s everything fine, at least for the moment. The game starts now and i could change the adjustments in terms of the graphic and the controls, without any crashes at all. I should have read the discussion more accurately and keep an eye on the links. I think it is alright now.
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Massive thanks for that link. Game working perfectly now on Windows 7 on a laptop.

Requesting a sticky or something as it seems this has helped tons of us out.

On an added note, I've missed this game, it absolutely kicks ass, and still holds up 10 years on. Gonna play through the main campaign then play the add-ons I never got to! Woop!
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