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I recently installed the game (Medal of Honor Allied Assault) and when running it on high resolutions I notice lines in the menu around certain sections (mainly like a box around some of the sections you can click on) and when in game there's thick black lines around the sky box.
This happens when I play the game on a high resolution (native is 1920x1080) and I've used the widescreen fix method hoping that would help.
I should note that even without the fix when I set the game to the supported resolution in the menu to the highest and had the same graphical affect.

My spec: Intel UHD graphics, Windows 10 64bit

I've also tried looking up this glitch but can't seem to find anyone else who's experiencing it.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

NOTE: just remembered that this actually occurs in all resolutions not just the high ones, the lines are more grey around the sky box but are still clearly visible. However in the menu they're hardly noticeable on the default low resolution.
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Ever since switching over to Windows 10 this has been occurring for me as well. I've been looking for a fix, but this is the only mention I've seen of it online so far.
Try playing on Linux. It often works much better with those older games.