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vidsgame: Yes, unfortunately I have from previous experiences found that I have to keep my system fully compatible with Windows and Linux in terms of read and write so I'm doing whatever I could to the best that I could understand.
adamhm: Windows' filesystems are more limited & don't store certain information, so Linux software really needs to have its own space. There shouldn't be any issue with using Windows filesystems for storing more general data like pictures, videos, documents etc. though.

I've modified all of the build scripts to abort on FAT/NTFS filesystems now, so the next time updates are released it'll be a lot more obvious what's wrong when someone tries this :)
I definitely know, however my linux partition has around 500 MB left on it so I need to conserve whenever I could.

That's good. Thank you for the updates. How you manage all these scripts and still manage to keep track of giveaways is beyond me but keep doing what you're doing and thank you again.