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I know I've played this game before on my system, but recently, wanted to replay it and found something odd. It starts up, and no video will play. Sound starts, and it plays the intro movie, but it won't show up unless I hit Alt-Enter to enter window mode. Normally, I would just play it in window mode, but whenever I do anything that switches screens, I.E. start a new game, or while in game, do something that changes screens, the screen goes black again until I resize it to full screen, and then back to window. Anyone else getting this error, or is it just me?
If it has been a while since you installed it then it's possible that other changes to the system since then are causing an issue, particularly if there has been a video driver update in the meantime.

It may be worth trying a reinstall of the game just to make sure that something hasn't been corrupted in the game files themselves.
Should have said, tried that before posting here, figured it might be an issue. Nothing happened, sadly, it still has the bug.
Star_Sage: Anyone else getting this error, or is it just me?
Try running the Graphics Setup from the start menu folder and change the output method. Overlay should do the trick, but do experiment and see if any method works as it should.
Well, that worked sort of, got it to play in the window for the intro, but it still goes blank when it asks to choose race. I can shift window size from full screen to windowed, and then back to make that appear, but now it never loads the galaxy. Sigh, oh well, guess this one's beyond my reach.
Assumed you run it in dosbox, right?
Yep, haven't done anything to it other than installing it from the GOG install file. Moo2 works fine, if you're curious.
I can recall one thing what have a chance to be connected to it - CPU cycles. When i played it on dosbox - i had to drastically rise them, MUCH more than it could be supposed for such old game, more than moo2 etc. Without it screens are loading in black void so long, so you could decide they not loading at all. But that was the single problem i had with launch of game - if rising of cycles wouldnt help - sadly most probably its some technical issue on your side or at least badly mutilated dosbox.conf.
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