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It seems likely if you have the GoG version (which includes the last official patch) you will most likely need to find out about adding the later fan-made fixes that either fix the remaining big bugs (as in the 'Vanilla' mods) or add lots of extra content (as in the 'Strawberry', 'Tropical' or 'Chocolate' mods).

Finding out where to get all the right info is not that clear currently, as much of that info is out of date etc. So i'll include a list of sites that i have found useful to find more about adding mods to Moo3 to try to fix it.

1. The 'Master of Orion 3: Guardian' site has a bunch of mods and a forum, a good first stop for many of the things you might be looking for, although many are not upto date.

2. Bhruic's site is home to one of the biggest assistence for modders, the Moo3 Patcher and a bunch of really important fixes that correct most of the bugs left by Atari.

3. Gerra's mods are available from these two:

4. And the Official Atari forums contain some handy info, although you need the old forum for much of the best detail, and i'll put that link after the current newer forum link below:

(New forum):

(Old forum):

You'll need to ensure you select 'all posts from the begining' to get all the threads, as many are really old!


Not a thread so much as another place to get sources is this mediafire link:

It's from a modder called danib on the Guardian's website forum, and some of his downloads contain a file that many AV's will report as a trojan. The file is part of the modder Gerra's patch/mod exe's and gets bundled with some of his work. It is apparantly not vital so can be deleated. It is called 'UIelements.exe' and is found, for example, in the 'UOP_Vanilla_V1.6' mod, as well as others that contain this file.


So with all those you should be able to get Moo3 working just the way you want, although i have yet to find a clear way to do so currently as many of the current mods also add problems to the game, from crashes ('directx surface unavailable' etc) to UI issues (seemingly with the mod that adds 1024x768 to the game?) where some menus will 'stick' on closing them and freeze the whole game for 30 odd seconds each time. So you have a bit of work to do to get through all these kind of things. Let's hope Moo3 is worth it!
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Thank you!
Thanks ThorChild, Very handy.

Note that Bhruic's site is no longer at the location you quoted.

His site, Master of Orion 3 Patcher, is currently located at:
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"UI issues (seemingly with the mod that adds 1024x768 to the game?) where some menus will 'stick' on closing them and freeze the whole game for 30 odd seconds each time"

this is a bug from day 1
to fix it you need to set the manu speed to fast or any non regolr speed

as wird as it is
dos not the the newes path exe or patches
ther wer 2 newer
a new exe that dos not need the runtime dll and a fixed RandomEvents
the original canceld th regular Random Events the fixed one dos not