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I have played MOO2 for approximately 10 years now and I am always trying to improve my strategies. Recently I have encountered a small problem, a wall so to speak.
It seems impossible for me to push and improve my technology research strategies any further. I can't push the completion of all technology research down any further than turn 203! If anyone could improve my Moo2 game play any further It would be very much appreciated!

Current Set Up:

-Huge Universe
-Mineral Rich
-8 Players
-Pre-Warp Technology
-Tactical Combat
-Antarens Attack

(Customized) Silicoid

+50% Growth

-20 Ship Defence
-20 Ship Attack
-10 Ground Combat
-10 Spying

My Current Early Game Strategy

Turn 1: Put everyone except one worker on research ===> Research Computers (150)
Turn 14: Buy Research Laboratory. ===> Research Construction (150)
Turn 22: Buy Automated Factory. Put everyone except one scientist on working and start producing all your Colony Bases. Research Chemistry (50), Power (80) and Biology (80).
Turn 50ish: Use all Planets except one to produce Scouting and Colony Ships. One planet should be dedicated to Research (Poor and Ultra Poor Planets). As in order: Research Biology (400) and Computers (900) and Construction (600).

As soon as you settle a new planet you should always send 2-3 population and immediately build a new Automated Factory. Keep researching technologies which enhances you ability to research even faster (Computer, Biology, Sociology). Don't get too distracted by Technology which enhances you military capability, as you only need ship which can kill the monsters! Keep expanding aggressively until turn 150-155 before switching 95% to research.

Regards Harry
Well, you can read some strategy articles to improve your performance, links are present even on this forum. So you can use better race and strategy, with them it could be easily done much earlier. Or you can talk with players in real time on irc, it would be even more fast way to improve.