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Yes, curse your obnoxious humility! ...
rayfowler: I insist that you recalibrate your definition of amazing.
Engerek01: Why? Dont you like that I find a modern MOO amazing? It is my favorite game of all time and you made it even better. However if you dont like my way of speaking i can easily stay away.
No, I'm just taking that anything that takes me an hour to do (i.e. adding player choice for colors) is probably not that amazing. ;)
Hey guys, I've decided to make the development build (not an Alpha!) available through the month of December for anyone who wants to see the current progress on the way to the next Alpha in 5-6 months.

Read more about it here:
Hey everyone, the latest Alpha of Remnants is now available. Two more races (Sakkra & Darlok), revamped UIs, plus new artwork for the GNN & Galactic Council screens.

If you are a fan of the original Master of Orion, you might like this game.

Download details and an information video can be found here:

I would appreciate feedback and comments!
Alpha 4 is now available. The Mrrshan have been added and a lot of user interface improvements.