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I read in another post that master of orion ii gog version is patched to 1.40b23, meanwhile the patch now is 1.40b24. if i download moo2 now did it already patched to newest patch or still 1.40b23 patch?

and if it is not patched yet and i'm download newest patch did it will compatible with gog version?
i read in orion wiki there is an assimilation bug that feudal population will not instant assimilate if conquered, but this bug has been fixed in gog version, if i apply the new patch did this bug will appear again?
Hi! Its an old topic but I have a question about it. I have downloaded MoO2 yesterday and it shows b23 as version. Does anyone know why it is not patched to b24 yet and what was changed in b24?

Update: Sorry for bringing it back to top. I just stumbled upon another topic and b24 was just an update to the patcher exe and includes no new fixes. So b23 is the latest update.
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