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I just bought MoO2 off gog and the game seems a little different than I remember. I think I played 1.31 as the last patch. In this gog version 1.40b23, I'm getting 0 research if my scientists aren't on the home planet. I don't remember that being in the past -- has anybody else run into this? Will upgrading to the unofficial 1.50 patch fix this?

Edit: I think this is just me forgetting how the game works. When I click on the research bar, the math seems to even out.

See 2nd attached picture.
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Resolved - PEBKAC. I forgot how bad the penalties are in the beginning for research on feudal states.
Sounds like you're scientists are doing unproductive work like gender studies or something.
Feudal research penalty + no marine barracks + no research lab = ouch.

A better expansion strategy as feudal is an early blitz taking advantage of your ship production bonus (and telepathy assuming you are playing as vanilla Elerians). Hopefully between captured tech and more planets in your empire (+5 research each w/ a lab, or +10 w/ supercomputer), you'll be able to keep up with the Jones long enough to get an edge.