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I've been playing MOO I for many years (between when the 1990's and the last couple years when I found it on GOG here), and not quite sure I've ever had a game end QUITE like what just happened.

The general situation: The very first council election somebody else was elected by 1 VOTE (all the other voted against me as the Sakkra I had a HUGE population compared to the 2 civs I had met so far). So I figured since it was early in the game and I had a big pop lead, and maybe nobody had a chance to develop any super tech yet, maybe I had a chance to win by triggering Final War by rejecting the council vote.

I held everybody off a LONG time, but they finally were managing to break through my defenses (mostly using sabotage to destroy my missile bases as I had fallen behind in Computer tech).

I had about 6 planets left. My homeworld had rebelled and my 2nd wave of loyal troops was inbound to recapture it. The enemy managed to bomb one of my remaining planets.

Suddenly: "Civil War has erupted in the Sakkra Empire today. Revolting citizens have stormed the Imperial Palace and mercilessly slain the Emperor."

I did see from what view I had of the galaxy map that at least one other planet had gone into revolt.

The only thing I can figure is that ALL of my remaining planets had gone into revolt on the same turn, before I could get a sitrep.

So I got the rarely seen ending where my casket was paraded down the street. (I think it is only maybe the 3rd time I have ever seen it in countless hundreds of games.)
Cool story.
Interesting ending. War never ended and people angry.