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I own the original game on disc and have been trying to get the Windows 95 version to run under Windows 7 64-bit. I've got almost everything working, except for a fix for the freezing/stuttering mouse cursor.

I've seen a couple of references to a mouse fix on the internet, but I've had absolutely no luck tracking it down (you know you're in trouble when you start seeing links to geocities).

I don't suppose anyone out there has managed to save a copy of this patch anywhere? Or know another way around the freezing/stuttering mouse issue?
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This appears to be a valid link to the mouse fix; it's linked from an archived version of Lord Brazen's blog, and he created the 1.40 patch that comes packaged with the GOG version of the game.

However, since you already have a CD copy of the game, I would recommend contacting GOG through their customer service form and asking if you can take advantage of their offer to reclaim a digital copy. I did this six months after the promotion was first announced, and they were happy to fix me up. The digital edition runs the DOS version of the game through DOSBox, and isn't affected by the mouse glitch.
The DOS version also came on the same CD as the Windows version! It works fine but you will need to get DOSBox and install that first then install the game inside DOSBox and then I strongly suggest you add a fan patch too. The new 1.5.x seems nice the little I have played with it.
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Thanks srhill! That seems to have worked! Much appreciated!

Edit: A couple of more things helped, as I still had flicker after the mouse patch.

1) Make sure you're not forcing Vsync on. I was forcing it on globally through the nVidia control panel. I had to create a separate profile for Orion95.exe to set it back to "Application controlled".

2) I also used dgVoodoo on my desktop (which has a GTX980), but didn't need it on my laptop (which has a GTX 670M). Make sure not to force Vsync on in dgVoodoo either.

Everything is smooth as glass now! I'm surprised it works this well, considering.
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over the years I've had no issues with the dosboxed gog version (before I've played a full installed cd/ win-exe version) with my win7. Since a year I can't play it anymore. I guess it's the mouse driver - I've installed the logitech drivers /new mouse and since it's very un... smooth. Re-Install of the game and or deinstall of the new driver didn' solve it.

Just want to say - mouse drivers can be tricky.

(I guess I've played it long enough, since 2000/2001 or so over 2000h? xD )
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I can also confirm that it fixes the issue with the mouse pointer not being lined up properly with what you're clicking on... so that, for example, you might be hovering over one menu item and the item above it would be highlighted and accessed if you were to click. That's the issue that made the Win95 version unplayable for me. With the fix, it's now playable. Thanks, srhill.

In case srhill's link ever goes dead, I've mirrored the fix at TinyUpload:
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