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I've discovered various command line switches which I love to play with (nohousing and picks 11), but while they're easy enough to apply to the windows version, I can't figure out how to apply them to the mac version.

Anyone out there have a clue how to do this?
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This works? Thought it did, maybe just got lucky on good & huge start a couple times then no luck after that. Anyway this may be a good start so I'll leave it.
Maybe modify Preflight.conf instead? - there is an autoexec.bat line at the bottom.

Go to GOG folder in applications and dbl click it then dbl click Master of Orion 2 folder. Next right click Master of Orion 2 file and select show package contents.
Dbl click Contents file; dbl click Resources file; Dbl click configurations file. Then dbl click launch.conf file and edit it Just like a dos file (text edit launches automatically).
Example, add line to autoexec.bat...


To save: close file and you will be prompted. Good luck.
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OK, I am happy to figure most of this out so far after sleeping on it.
First: Download your own copy of Boxer and install it.
2nd: Go to resources file as shown in prior post and open it.
3rd: Open Master of Orion 2.boxer

This last step will give you the DOS prompt where you may enter orion2.exe with the switches you want. I found skipintro, goodstart, & hugestart worked;
plants = num (as in planets=5) does not work, perhaps I misspelled or am using it wrong ( Help!).

GOG MOO2 played directly does not allow access to a dos command line and adding a line to the autoexec.bat in GOG's moo configuration files didn't work at least as I tried it.

Playing MOO2 with Boxer downloaded and installed separately from GOG (if you haven't already?) even though you are also using GOG's master of orion 2.boxer file starts MOO2 as if you are a new player so you will have another Hall of Fame other than the one played with GOG only. No big deal in order to get to the DOS command line.

Thanks for asking. I have been wanting to do this for a long time on my Mac. I am new to GOG. GOG with Boxer have made this possible.