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I originally had the old DOS version that said like version .96 then later a W95 version that was 1.00, and I know the AI and racials have changed a bit since then, but I am having a couple problems that im finding difficult to work out, also, some clarification on some info in the racials.

How do you get +255 Beam Offense and +245 Beam defense? 9Have a screen cap of it). The AI has no items in equipment that aids in beam offense or defense, it is Mrshann, and late game, so he likely has Warlord, as do I, but there is a HUGE discrepency. Im only playiong on Hard, I used to run on Impossible with no problems. Now im not complaining about having to brnig up my game, but in this case, I simply dont understand how the numbers can be this far off. I did not take racials for minus ship off/def either.

Also, in really early versions, if you had top lne sensors you could see stealthed ships in route once they were 1-2 turns out, but apparently not anymore. I cant see regular cloaked ships, im not including the Phasing cloak.

Any ideas?
A high level fleet commander?
H2IWclassic: A high level fleet commander?
A commander that better than doubles the best targetting computer? I know until I got the GOG version, i was on an ancient first release and stuff has changed, but that sounds REALLY excessive. Can anyone verify this?

Also, is there any sensor that will allow you to see basic cloaking devices (NOT Phasing Cloak) on main map if they are close enough to your planet?