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I've been having trouble figuring out how to fire multiple missiles, or other weapons, from the same stack of ships on the same turn in MOO1. I'd assumed that selecting the weapon in the ship design UI, and then increasing the number on the left, which the manual says is the number of weapons of that type on board, would let me fire multiple shots at once. I'd also assumed that having twice as many ships would let me fire twice as many missiles. However, bringing two ships loaded with as many "5 shot" nuclear missiles as I could fit, into combat still only let me fire one missile per round, and I ran out of ammo after 5 rounds as if I'd fired all of them. Does the game just not bother showing all the other missiles? And if so, how were my enemies able to fire 5-7 shots at me at once?
This question / problem has been solved by PetrusOctavianusimage
Each single missile is not shown in combat, so 1 or 2 ships should make no visual difference.
Also, some missile are "scatter packs" that split up to seven warheads.

But one thing to consider when designing ships is that if you want to use them for planetary bombardment the bombs need to be in the first slot. So in general put the most damaging weapon in slot 1.
Let me just add that Scatter packs come in three versions: V = 5; VII = 7; X = 10. You can switch between your best scatter pack and best normal missile with a button for your planetary defences while defending against an attacker.
There are no visual difference between 1 and 2 missiles but I am guessing it shows different when TOTAL number of missiles are 10, 25 and 100. I am not entirely sure since it has been lots of time since i paid attention to that.