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Good Afternoon,

I have had one hell of a time editing the game because I don't understand the hexadecimal system that it uses. But I want to tweak (read mod) the game. Nothing significant, just give the Human race some interesting perks and punish the Silicoids for being pesky Silicon based life forms.

Does anyone have an editor they recommend or that they can link to?

I'm fairly certain that the user is the guy who wrote ICE MOD for MoO2. There is also [url=]Wolven Spectre.

You might try pm-ing either of them to find out what they use. Over at the ICE MOD site, the necessary programs are listed, but they are not intuitive (I've tried dabbling a bit myself), so it's probably best to get tips from someone who has used them.
Post edited October 31, 2015 by Dreamteam67