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hi guys,

sorry for my english, but english is not my native language. i play first time moo. i have already read the manual but i can't find a solution for my problem.

I don't understand how the total production is set up. i have a total production of 94. The population is 62 and the measure of factory is 30.

62 + 30 is 92 production. Why is my total production at 94 and not at 92? Where are the 2 BC's?

Are you trading with other empires? The income (or cost) from trade is spread evenly across your worlds as a modifier to production, so if you've got 10 planets and a trade income of 20 BCs each planet gains 2 BCs of bonus production. Fleet and base maintenance work the same way, though those will always be subtracted.

I'm not sure if the planet information shows those modifiers or just the production from population and factories (plus any from planetary reserve).

The other thing that occurs to me is that the production per population changes as you research higher level planetology techs. I'm not sure if it's stated when the number goes up, beyond what the manual says (0.5 BC per colonist at the beginning and 2 BC at level 50).
Actual production (total production)

total =

0.5 BC per people (1 BC for klakoons) + another (planetology*1.5 / 50) (rounded down to 0.1)
1 BC per industry (up to 7 industries per people or up to 9 for meklars)
funds from planetary reserves (those are applied as last, and they can at most double the production.
trade income

Actual =

costs (ship maintenance, spies, trade cost, security and transports and taxes)
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thanks for the answers, i have started a new game. i play the humans.

at the beginning i have 50 population, 30 Factories. no planetary reserves. no trade income. the production is at 56.

0.5 BC per people 50/2= 25 and
1 BC per industry = 1*30 = 30

25 + 30 = 55

where is the income of 1 BC?
you are true. After few tests seems that

instead of doing

"populaltion" * 0.5

you should do

"populaion+growth/2" * 0.5

seems the formula use "population of next year", not population of this (year)

This way I get almost the exact value of BCs (doubled for klakons) and when planet is population capped I stop getting those extra bc infact.

if that is true, when a planet is dying you should see few less BCs too.
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