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This game can last from 30 minutes to 4 hours each time you play it. Multiple difficulty settings, changes you can make to change the stradegy of the game. It may take a first time user a dozen of games or so before it becomes familiar enough where you get to enjoy the game, yet its not overly complicated to the point you get lost in a users manual. The tutorial mode helps you get into the game quickly and gives you a taste of the game. While the game almost seems simple, because of the random game setups, it can stay challenging to the point you just can not win, (so you don't get bored winning all the time.) Excellent rainy day game, with a feeling of accomplishment when you win... a game that doesn't go on forever, yet long enough if you need a challenge. Out of the three games, this one is my favorite in balancing time playing the game along with the random challenges that await you in Master's of Orion.