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As it seems the MoO3 devs had a different view of future gaming hardware as the industry. Any tricks to counter that? In perticular the space battles? Having two fleets consisting of 10 32 ship armadas (mostly carriers) each is next to impossible to control. Even a small zoom reacts after 30 sec to 1 min and then zooms completly out or in, not in small steps. Moving the map or selecting fleets is a pain too. I could just run it automatically (which I do mostly) but with more or less equal fleets facing each other the AI has not proven to be reliable at all.

My rig:
Quad CPU (2,66 each core)
8gb ddr2 800mhz
gtx 470
Win7 64bit

but MoO3 makes it feel like an early 286 rig :(
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Things that have worked for me :

Set compatibility mode to Windows 98 / Windows Me
Disable visual themes
Disable desktop composition
Run this program as an administrator