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high rated
New version out, now with fighters and carriers. The game is totally playable nowadays and I read it works fine for multi-player too.
Someone should get this version into Ubuntu's repository to replace the version in there from 2013 (0.4.3)
Version is out. This fixes some problems with 0.4.7. Works on Linux, Windows and OSX.
Release candidate builds of FreeOrion 0.4.8 are available now. Some help in play testing would be appreciated, pretty please.

There are files ready for download for Mac and Windows. For Linux there is at least for Ubuntu, so will work in Mint too, a PPA that has the stable versions, if you trust that. Just search for it. Building yourself is always an option. I never did try that myself.

No, I am not part of the team working on the game.
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0.4.8 released.
Release candidates of FreeOrion 0.4.9 are now available!
And now version 0.4.9 has been properly released.
Freeorion 0.4.9 gameplay video (skips non freeorion stuff):