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Does anyone was able to manage "industrial waste" to get that 1/2 extra BC at start by microing the ratio bars?

In theory until a planet is not population capped, you can let some waste to accumulato reducing for few turns the ECO cost (and by decreasing MAX population), in theory that should provide extra BCs, but I failed at that, in end up in 3rd turn with 64 BC production both by letting ratio bars on default and by microing waste..

Ideally my idea was:

-save ECO cost at very first turn => few BC
-grow industry (by keeping the same waste level)
-clean waste(but since every investement tend to grow over time we now have few more BCs

the problem is that keeping waste level costant is very hard. You have to guess (or calculate) the right
ECO ratio, and when you start have more industries due to approximation errors that is hard.
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