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I'm considering getting Masters Of Orion 1&2 and have a couple questions:

1. I see there's an unofficial patch for MOO1. Should I play through the game without it first? Or just go ahead and install it from the get-go?

2. Is there any kind of unofficial patch for MOO2 that I should get? If so, same question as it plain first, or not?

3. Does it go on sale often here on GOG? I know $6 aint much for most people, but I'm trying to get my business off the ground now and can't justify spending ANY extra money on games. I'm just wondering if I should wait around till it goes on sale, or if that's not likely to happen.

1. As I recall, the bugs that the unofficial patch for MoO1 fixes aren't game-breaking ones, unlike with Master of Magic, rather more of an enhancement. I've played it vanilla loads of times.

2. Yes, but I believe GOG already includes it by default? Otherwise, do get it. There were some more serious bugs in MoO2 where certain weapons could cause a game freeze and such.

3. I haven't kept too close a watch but reasonably often I think, although that may have been while it was still owned under Atari (I think)
The DOS version of MOO2 includes unofficial patch 1.40b23.
The Windows version is 1.31 (unofficial patch was made only for DOS version).