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I've come back to MoM for the third time. I first played in the 90's on a 486. Then a few years ago I found out about GoG and bought / played the game a few more times. Recently I was wondering how to find a game for my son to play which didn't have the annoying things that games on tablets usually have, like in-game adverts / purchases and links to videos. He loves MoM, which is great.

Anyway, I found this forum and talk of the Insecticide (and other) patches.

But the situation seems unclear. Is the 1.40l or 1.40m or 1.40n version the best? Or the 1.50 version? Where can I even get them from?

Thanks for any advice

++ Edit ++

Don't worry, I found a post in the "Horrible AI" thread which answered my questions

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