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Hail, fellow would-be world-busters! Ever stopped to wonder how you can tell in advance which spells are in your wizard's repertoire? Did the gods of Arcanus and Myrror grant you. for example, that one rare enchantment you really don't like playing without? Or do you want to be sure you're trading with another wizard for a spell you won't already learn?

Well, wonder no more! Through the sufficiently advanced magic of the 'computer', you too are now able to cast the arcane spell Decode Runes on your scrying glass! (The very rare upgrade Decipher Runes, however, is still in beta.)

<span class="bold">Translation Chart for MoM Spellbook Runes</span>

To use, open your spellbook by clicking on the Info tab, then the Apprentice button (or by using the F3 key). Page back through the book to the general type of enchantment you're interested in. (City spell, unit spell, combat spell, etc.) Then use the handy-dandy chart to work out whether your spell(s) of choice have already been included!

Now go forth, and conquer with confidence; mwahahahaha!

(Image credit goes to the MoM official strategy guide. Scanned and uploaded when I couldn't already find a translation anywhere online through a standard image search.)
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you're crazy, lol
Thanks for posting this as it was always annoying not to know ahead of time which you could get through research.