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So, been looking for another build that can compete in insecticide impossible. Been trying a sorcery summoner build. Been alright, still trying some things. Here's where I'm at now

Alchemy - Conjurer - Archmage - Sorcery Mastery - Myrran - 4 Sorcery Books

I chose Draconian for their mobility and scouting. Using phantom warriors (6mp each) and confusion, it is fairly easy to capture neutral cities. I try not to scumbag save anymore and draconian allows me to flee from combats and return the next turn with refreshed wizard skill.

Some dungeons are doable super early, but not many. First strike and fire breath units obliterate phantom warriors, and any undead units with illusions immunity are impossible.

This build consumes a LOT of mana since I was not able to fit channeler into the build. Thus I have been trying to expand, but draconian have such a low growth rate AND production modifiers... it is hard. I was thinking about trying my go-to dwarves, but they would sacrifice the scouting.

Any thoughts?
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Ok well one thing that comes to mind is not choosing the Draconian/Myrran pick.

By not choosing that you can get a 5th sorc book, if you decide to make invisible and Magic Immune artifacts, and also get that channeler pick. Since your depending on the Phantom W's to win the neutral towns this would be kind of ideal. You could use the Naga's as your scouts as they are pretty tough and have swimming built in.

Sadly I do not really have anything to contribute as this would not be an ideal build for me and my play style.
I just tried a build similar to yours focused on Sorc summoning.

4 Sorcery Books
Sorcery Mastery


I just took on a Sorcery Node defended by 1 Phantom Beast & 8 Phantom Warriors with one Elite (Vet+Warlord) unit of slingers summoning 4 PWarriors and won lol.