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Is there a way to disable or turn that down somewhat?

I mean the delay that happens after you kill anything in combat.
You shoot, it dies, pan back to your character, victory fanfare, character gives house line, then maybe a lvlup fanfare on top of that... and then you regain control.

I've timed it. This stuff takes up to 9 seconds every time. It's killing my soul with every passing second I have to sit here and watch someone shout "IN YER FACE!". D:

EDIT: To give you an idea of this:
I just played a battle that had 28 kills in it, played out in 8 turns. Lots and lots of Seeds, each of them a one hit kill.
I spend 14:48 minutes in this battle.
4 of those minutes were spend waiting for all that flourish to finish. :|
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So... nothing at all, hm?
So... nearly a year later. Is there more info now?
Another half year later: Any changes here?
I'm new to this game and I do now what you mean, although I experience it as relaxing (but that's just personal I guess).
I haven't timed it (yet) but 9 seconds sounds a bit long. I think at my pc it is 2-3 seconds.
Domochevsky: Another half year later: Any changes here?
From now on, please wait for another two years and your answer will be provided.