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So, what do you think? Here is my opionion: (video review right here: ):

Massive Chalice is a turn base strategy game developed by Double Fine Productions for windows, mac, xbox 1 and linux that takes place in a fantasy seting. The game was released on the 1 of june 2015 med with a price of 19,99 americen dollars and was financed through kickstarter with a total of 31,774 backers that put up approximately 1,2 million dollars.

The Story in Massive Chalice takes place over exactly 300 years and involves the evil lurking darkness called The Cadande. The Cadance attacks the outer regions of the in game map and corrupts them. When a region has reach a high enough level of corruption it disappears and is no longer of any use for the rest of the game. It’s up to you, the immobilised ruler of the nation to defend your territory over the span of these three centuries, with the help of your vanguard of 5 heroes in a classic turn based fashion like in the X Com-series. After 300 years there waits a final showdown against the evil forces of the cadence.

While time passes by your heroes age, and with the decaying properties of ageing your heroes become weaker and sooner or later they will meet death. If the heroes don’t die of old age they will be guaranted to meet permadeath during the attacks from the cadence every 10-15 years in game time. Due to this reason you will always need a fresh set of heroes as the old one dies and you recruit new heroes by plaing a wedding planer and marrying members from different bloodlines with each other. that1s right, this game contains a genetics simulator that determines the characteristics strengths and weakness your heroes possess.

If you’re not paying attention and mate a female, puny asthmatic med a nearsighted man with heart problems and alcoholic tendencies, your coming generation of heroes will be little people with bad eyesight being hungover and fighting with reduced capacity and will most certainly die while still young. As the player and wedding planer you are after the opposite and positive characteristics, not always as easy when you don’t have any good breeding material.

When you’re not fighting you spend your time in the nation mode of the game. Here you pass the time by building buildings for your bloodlines, improving offensive and defensive weapons, research helpful items and such for the three main classes of the game. We have the alchemist, caberjack and the hunter plus two hybrid classes til each of the glasses depending on how you breed them.

The alchemist throws dangerous flasks and is dangerous while attack a group of monsters at range. The Caberjack is the classic warrior type that hits hard and can take a lot of damagE, while the hunters are the game longdistancekillers.

We find a total of 7 different enemies in massive chalice and they in turn have one advanced version that deals and withstands more damage than the standard one. We’ve got easy to kill Seeds to tougher Wrinklers that hit hard and also makes your hero age five years with each confirmed hit, and one annoying little fellow is the rupture whose only attack is performed by crawling up sideways with the heroes and then explode shitloads of poison, hurting everything around it.

The games tactical battle mechanics are competent but I experience it as there are always two-three monsters too may on each stage which makes the battle a bit too long for their own good. The stages are randomly generated which is a positive thing as it ads to the replay ability of the game, but at the same time some monsters can be spawned on stupid and ridiculous far out places on the map. Running around like a fucking retard searching for the last monster on the map, and by doing so almost spending as much time as the whole fight itself - thats a sad and annoying flaw in the design that easily could have been avoided.

The variation of the battles sadly grinds to a halt after just a couple of hours playtime, which makes Massive Chalice a not completely satisfying gaming experience. i like it, but then again - the game is way to simple. When you have figured out the attack patterns of the enemies, the rest of the game is more or less just rinse and repeat.

Massive Chalice have three different difficulty settings and if you play this game on normal and a sound sense of strategy and don’t completely fail with breeding new heroes - this game is just a time invest of approximately 15 hours before reaching the final fight after 300 years. Normal difficulty is nothing to be recommended for the experienced strategist out for a challenge.

It’s as always with a lot of these smaller games with low budgets. It is a competent and somewhat engaging game, but there is just not enough of anything. The graphics are okay, the music and background sounds do their job and the thought with thte genetic simulator is an exciting one but the execution fails to deliver. With a bigger budget, larger staff and longer development this game would have kicked ass - but now, it gets stuck with a score of 6 out of 10. It’s not original in any way, but stil kinda entertaining to play.