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Has anyone played this with an Xbox One controller? At the very start, the D-pad presses are doubled up in menus and ignored entirely during gameplay. The B button just jumps, so I can't hide like the game tells me too. It doesn't even seem like a mapping issue, because the B button cancels out of menus fine.

Any ideas or fixes would be hugely helpful. Thanks.
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No idea why, but it turns out reconnecting the controller after starting the game each time gets it working. Weird.
I also have problems with controller. Once I hit run button the camera focus goes up so that I can't see the character anymore. Sometimes also happen in menu that focus goes up infinitely, sometimes not but always in game with the camera. Happens with both Dualshock 4 (ds4drv) and XBox One Controller (xpad driver).

Running Manjaro Linux.