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GOG removed "Mark of the Ninja" from its catalogue, the day of the addition of "Mark of the Ninja: Remastered"

We’re not allowed to buy old-fashioned games here anymore?
It's not the same game !

The first game is very good, and GOG has the Linux version!
( Which works very well on 64-Bit Os!
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Yes, I have noticed that today. I own the old one, and it no longer lists in the store. That brings me to another question - would I my version get swapped with the new one? How does this work?
Ken1171: How does this work?
It depends on the studios,
In our case, Klei Entertainment sells the Remastered as a new game.
We can understand, a job worth wages...

But the disappearance of the original, means more updates.
The risk; one day the game will no longer be compatible for any reason, no passing 64Bit etc...
This game will die and Klei will earn more money selling a Remastered as a new game, to people who have already bought the first abandoned version.
( 1 game, 2 sales )
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