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Hey all,

Is it just me or do others sometimes experience the game hang all of a sudden when choosing to quit it? It just stays on the main menu and I can't do anything except Ctrl+Alt+Del and logging off every time this happens.
There has been a few old threads about this problem but they are only mentioning workarounds that doesn't really fix the issue.

Is this problem still not fixed with a patch or anything? I'm running Windows 8.1 x64.
I'm having this issue too. In all other aspects the game works fine but freezes every time I exit. I really like this game so I'm not too bothered but I do worry if there will any long term affects on my systems.
Three years after your initial post and I'm having the same problem. Oh, and really bad lag. By minimum/recommended standards, my computer should be able to run this while still running Photoshop in the background; it's not even running properly as the only active program.
I had the same problem as well, but I since noticed that GOG galaxy would hang as well on exit every time the game crashed on exit.
So I started the game from the executable in its folder, and up until now, no on-exit crashes from the game; however, GOG galaxy still does, but only for this game.

I had a similar problem with another game (I think it was Mary Skelter), where launching from galaxy would cause a crash on start, while launching it from its folder wouldn't.
It's looking like galaxy's launchers have some weird issue with going in and out of games.