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Today we have a small update which addresses some early game balance issues, a few bugs and a couple of small usability features.

- Crew will perform at-sea repairs on the ship whilst out of combat. Repairing damaged sections back to a percentage of their full strength over time. The amount repaired depends on difficulty level: 10% on Hard, 30% on Normal and 50% on Easy of its max structural integrity. This repair also happens immediately on docking, so don’t worry about waiting outside the port to get free repairs before docking.
- Added a character aim sensitivity slider
- Mouse wheel now controls sharpshooter zoom level
- Temporarily hostile ships (friendlies who you have attacked!) will show as orange instead of red
- Added UI to the world information screen to show when there are pages that can be turned.
- Ship Upgrades can be cancelled for a 100% refund (as long as you haven’t left the refit screen)
- Ship upgrades now give a 50% refund when removed (at any other time)
- Gather cargo quests will now give you a sensible price for your cargo (significantly better than just selling them in your current port)
- Hunt and assassinate quests will give a reward more proportionate to the size of ship encountered.
- Courier quests now give a less painfully difficult enemy for early missions.
- Race quests are no longer quite so lucrative.
- Sailing out of the map bounds now has an informative message.
- Pressing ‘L’ will allow you to holster/draw your gun.
- Repeating Handgun reload time increased
- Added an indicator as to camera direction on the minimap

Bugs and fixes:
- Fixed a bug causing a load game hang in some situations
- First mate will no longer sneakily switch from oars to sailing whilst the captain uses the spyglass.
- Fixed some issues with Lost Treasure of Neue Emskrank quest
- Fixed an bug preventing AI from using the hatches on empire ships
- Fixed a navigation bug which caused crew to get stuck inside walls of Greatships
- Added a failsafe timeout for overwhelming boarding victories that wouldn’t end
- Fixed a bug where two AI ships boarding would never end
- Fixed a bug which caused the sails to clip incorrectly
- Fixed camera positions on Wolfship
- Behemoth will no longer follow you to the ends of the earth (aww, such devotion)
- Sea monsters no longer heal themselves whilst diving in some situations
- Searching and finding nothing no longer takes up the whole screen
- Fixed a bug which caused the captain and first mate to stand waist-deep inside the deck.
- AI no longer fires its guns at sinking targets
- Fixed a bug which caused the captain’s weapon to disappear.
- Fixed some issues with the Raiders of Erengrad quest
- Fixed some issues with the Advisor to the Empire quest
- Fixed a bug where trade ships could spawn on top of you after leaving Erengrad in the tutorial
- Objective markers are no longer so crazily huge when seen through the sniper’s scope
- Audio compression changed for dialogue files to improve initial loading speed
- Improved performance of terrain streaming
- Performance improvements for ship smoke
- Fixed some issues with the Fog of War quest
- Fixed an issue which caused the wave physics and display to go out of sync

Post edited April 20, 2016 by evilfraser

Great that you added weapon holstering. Its "just" fluff, but IMO the difference of being able to do or not adds immensely to the atmosphere. :)