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Update 1.2 - Dark Delights

This update brings the Slaanesh Chaos campaign and a feature much requested by the community: ship capture.

Slaanesh Campaign
Transform the old world into a hedonistic paradise for the glory of the Prince of Pleasure. More than just destruction is your goal as you corrupt the minds of the enemy crew and send your acolytes to spread the unspeakable joys of service to Slaanesh, turning the human ports into hives of decadence.

Ship Capture
Independent captains and Slaanesh captains are now able to capture enemy ships.

For the independent captain, as long as it's something your crew can steer you can put a prize crew aboard and have them take the ship back to port. Beware that the owning faction will attack the ship on sight. Once in port you can either sell the ship or pay to have the shipwrights repair the damage, clean the barnacles, and replace the rusty old cannon so that you can sail the ship anew. Be careful to keep it out of sight of its previous owners still (though rumour has it that some of the less law abiding ports can help with that).

For Slaanesh, capture is a means to an end - capture an enemy ship (ideally with half its crew already on your side from the Radiance of Slaanesh) and send your most human-looking cultists aboard, back to the ships home port. On reaching port they'll infiltrate the town and start to corrupt it. With enough cultists and a bit of time the port will become defenceless, its citizens too intent on their revels to care about anything else. At this point you may either leave them to praise Slaanesh with their carnal ways or burn the port to the ground as an offering.

Ship upgrades
Ship upgrades no longer have a limit based on the type - instead all ship upgrades come with a cargo space cost. You can choose to sacrifice more of your carrying capacity in order to build up those guns and reinforce every surface you can find.

Full list of changes:
- Added Slaanesh campaign
- Added Ship Capture mechanic
- Ship upgrades now cost cargo space and are no longer limited by type
- Controlled character camera now moves above the player if it would be pushed too close by geometry.
- Added icons for when your character is locking onto an enemy (by blocking or mid-swing). Updated icons for enemies who are targeting you and nearby enemies out of view
- Khorne campaign start now locked until Independent campaign is completed (unless 'skip tutorial' is toggled in the options or you've played Khorne previously)
- Nurgle and Slaanesh captains can now Ascend
- Additional sail designs for Nurgle and Slaanesh
- Global movement AI ships will collect cargo from enemies they sink
- Ships can now be sold from the warehouse
- Selling a ship from the warehouse will transfer any remaining crew to the player ship, or the tavern depending on space
- Journal shows latest entry on opening, more entries per page, formatting made clearer
- Melee Chain attacks are now much more reliable to trigger
- Fixed a bug with To Smell a Rat quest
- Player ally ships get a small boarding bonus vs AI
- Hellships get a boarding bonus in AI vs AI fights


To get this update you'll need to switch to the Beta channel in your GOG galaxy client.

Open up GOG galaxy and click on Man O' War: Corsair.

Click "More>" next to Play and choose "Configure"

Change the Beta Channels selector to ON.
Choose "Public Beta" from the Channel dropdown.

Your game will now patch to the latest beta update.
Update 1.2.1:
- Added zoomed out Tactical View, press V (or Y button on gamepad) when sailing to toggle between normal sailing view and tactical sailing view.
- Hellship sails hidden when using anti-flyer weapon
- Reduced volume on Hellship ambient screams
- Slightly increased late-game build up speed of aggressive factions
- Fix for null error with piloting captured ships.
- Added additional info to crew on capture ship screen
- Moved Capture Ship button to be more obvious
- Crew piloting a captured prize ship will leave their weapons
- Crew piloting a prize ship will move to the tavern after docking (and can be rehired without any up front cost)
- Removed duplicate shrine rewards for Slaanesh
- AI Allies generate less aggro from enemies from accidental damage
- First mate will only warn if you're under attack if you were not already under attack.
- Moved captain load in point in Alquezaro
- Can no longer send a captured ship to a razed port
- Increased value of sacrificed cargo (Chaos campaigns)
- Improved look of Slaanesh corruption UI on ports
- Smoothed melee animations for AI
- Player character defaults to running
- Wolfship front sails hidden whilst aiming front cannons
- Camera behaves better around railings during boarding
This is now live on the default channel
Thank you for a patch. the new gameplay (capture ship) and new campaign is good.Thank you
You're welcome :) Glad you're enjoying it!