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Nurgle's Rotters

Nurgle Campaign!
Spread plague and destruction throughout the Old World as a Chosen of Nurgle.
Infect ships with Nurgle's Rot and board them till it overcomes the ship, and watch it take the plague back to port.
(Unlocked by completing the tutorial, playing the Khorne tutorial first is recommended)

Chaos campaign changes
For both Nurgle and Khorne campaigns, the requirements for petitions are now based on the number of ports you have destroyed - making it much easier to see your progression.
You can also change which ship in your fleet you choose to captain - any same-faction ship can be commanded.

Chaos challengers
Recruit new allies for your chaos fleet - find the champions of the other chaos powers and defeat them to gain a powerful ship and the ability to petition for more.

Melee updates
We've smoothed out melee a little - no more tank controls for mouse and keyboard (you'll strafe instead). A subtle lock on (which you can disable in the options) helps keep combat flowing and a new stamina system adds a little bit more depth.

Full list of changes:

- Added nurgle campaign
- (Chaos only, for now) Crew can now be transferred between non-hired allies of the same faction and you can switch to captaining any of your non-hired ally ships.
- Added infection mechanic, which turns an enemy ship into a plague ship and transports plague to its nearest friendly port.
- Plagued ports can be attacked and have much weakened defenders (watch out though: non-nurgle attackers in a plagued port will suffer too!)
- Added Sickening trait for Champion of Nurgle
- Chaos Shrine rewards now unlocked by port destruction instead of total favour gained
- Chaos allied ship types from other factions are now unlocked by completing quests
- Added Challenge quests to Chaos campaign for all chaos ship types
- Melee no longer uses tank controls for mouse/keyboard, instead strafing
- Melee using controller - camera will follow character.
- Increased wind up time for heavy attacks
- Added a light moving attack for 1h (forward + light attack)
- Optimised ice weapon
- Ice and Fire weapons now more powerful but don't always trigger.
- Celestial Hammer will occasionally call lightning bolts on enemies if used in rain/storm
- Skilled (and lazy) oarsmen/women now properly affect rowing efficiency
- Fixed broken scroll handles on custom battle screen which could prevent buttons working
- Custom battle factions are no longer locked if assigned to a removed team
- Fixed some juddering issues with the camera
- Blocking will lock onto nearby characters and allow you to strafe around them (can be disabled in options)
- Attacking now locks on for a brief time until the attack chain completes (can be disabled in options)
- Allied ships deal additional damage and take reduced damage
- Ship race quests will only choose dockable ports
- Fixed an issue with orc ports
- Fixed a number of quests which broke if the cutscene was interrupted
- Added a stamina bar to the player, enemy captains and elite enemies in ports.
- Port attacks now give bonus xp
- Fixed an issue with crew not turning up for fights in the chaos tutorial
- Info for port attack options now shows up if using controller
- Mouse is no longer unlocked when searching
- Changed wind source icon
- Fixed a bug with the player character flying into the air on galleons with archer regiments

To get this update you'll need to switch to the Beta channel in your GOG galaxy client.

Open up GOG galaxy and click on Man O' War: Corsair.

Click "More>" next to Play and choose "Configure"

Change the Beta Channels selector to ON.
Choose "Public Beta" from the Channel dropdown.

Your game will now patch to the latest beta update.
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thank you for the patch.I start the nurgles campaign
Awesome, can't wait to try this out!
Patch 1.1.1:
- 'Back' on custom battle end screen now works with gamepad
- Prevent bugs on recentering causing the terrain load system to freeze
- Anti-Flyer weapons will fire on flyers attacking its allies
- Adjusted enemy target/health icons when outside of field of view.
- Slaanesh-ensnared crew will return their weapons to the inventory on death

And that's now updated on the main channel.
Patch 1.1.2:
- Boarding a rotting ship to infect it with plague made slightly easier
- Added brief tutorial for infecting ships
- Infected ships show green on map
- Custom battle weather fixed so that stormy is more stormy than 'rain'
- Lanterns no longer cause light pollution on map screen
- Fixed issue with (invisible) dialogue capturing clicks on buttons (e.g. captain skills)
- Custom battle sail picker no longer resets the sail design on editing a ship
- Catapult projectiles travel slightly faster
- Increased stamina cost for NPC captains to block heavy attacks
- Firstmate no longer "Sir Lancelot"s trying to get to the enemy ship if he can't quite jump far enough
- Adjusted AI vs AI boarding to be more fair to player ally ships
- Initial favour for new nurgle campaigns corrected
- Increased bonus damage for player when stamina is high (melee had be come a little too hard)
- Nurgle's Rot crew damage increased to offset natural healing
- Shoreforts at plagued ports are reduced in effectiveness
- Chaos campaign initial navy patrols reduced in strength.
- Added a message whenever any ally ship is destroyed
- Can now sacrifice pennants as a chaos captain
- Adjusted trader AI so that they are much less likely to be carrying 0 cargo
- Added 1.1 translations for German, French and Hungarian
- Allies which infect a ship will correctly stop boarding
- Grey wizards paranoia reduced, they will no longer cast storm force in case of friendlies trying to board.
- Grapeshot made more effective when firing on a full crewed ship.
Update 1.1.3:
- Added Exalted Bloodship to Khorne navies and as petition reward for Khorne captains
- Reduced destroyed port requirements slightly for higher level petition rewards.
- Fixed a crash bug involving undead spellcasters
- Fixed an issue with low-control regions not spawning defence ships
- Fixed a bug with pirate ports confusing invading factions
- Added additional checks to prevent a stumble locking the captain's movement
thank you for a patch and exalted bloodship
Update 1.1.4:
- Added four new sail designs for Khorne ships