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Update 1.0.1:
- Fixed a bug which could cause healthbars to disappear in port battles
- Fixed a navigation issue that occasionally caused ships to spin around at a single point
- Quest fixes for: Emperor's Gold, Ship of the Dead, Valour of Remas, Race to the Finish
- Fixed normals on Deathgalley
- Reduced brightness of Fog banks
- Various optimisations
- Fixed a bug with surrendered once-friendly (but angered) ally ships
- Fixed an issue where allied ships would be treated as their original faction instead of the player faction in some cases
- Improved crew hire screen UI when using a controller for wizards and flyers
- Patched a collider hole in the Great Ship which could trap the player
- Camera movement made much more sensitive when zoomed in with rifle.
- Adjusted unarmed running animation
- Character Weapons stat bars should now show their labels in all screen resolutions
- Optimisations for particles on ships with upgraded cannons
- Reflection optimisations
- Fix for invisible orc ports in old save games
- AI no longer attacks hostages (fix for Griffon's Nest quest)
- Fixed bugs with time stopping and wind direction occasionally being locked
- Fixed an issue with the camera controls freezing occasionally
- Fixed a bug where the chaos warrior could be stuck in a hit reaction animation
- Added a waypoint for Twilight quest for cases where the player was close to the destination but sailed away afterwards
- Fixed a bug with UI button clicks being blocked by waypoint markers
- Sacked ports now recover properly
- Razed ports will recover much sooner after their attached region is made friendly
- Escort quests will now start your escorted ship in the same port, rather than out at sea
- Fixed some issues with flyer hunt quests
- Adjusted Naval Defence missions so the fleets are less likely to be destroyed before you reach them
Thank you for releasing the patch at the same time on gog.
I concur. Also huge thanks for promptly fixing reported problems. I have never seen such approachable developers. You are now on my list of game devs I trust, which is about four entries long, containing King Art, killmonday games, Logic Artists and you <3