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- Fixed a bug with the boarding timeout.
- Additional boarding tutorial should no longer show up with a weird objective
- Fixed an issue with some AI ships being unable to steer.
- Altered quest dialogue for easy pickings
- Wizards should no longer break the interface if they’re trying to cast an unequipped spell
- Skaven Doombringer slightly reduced in power: (unintentional) ability to crash game removed.
- Flyer health increase
- Crew vs flyer damage increased commensurate with the health increase
- Player ship’s flyer healthbar added above ship UI
- Fistful of Grapeshot quest will now continue if cutscene was interrupted by docking
- Manual docking at your waypoint will now clear it
- First mate no longer tries to steer during cutscenes
- Player ship’s flyer will now automatically engage enemies you attack/that attack you unless otherwise ordered.